Major Project: Self Review

My first thought is my love of the fluidity that comes with paint, the ability to recreate a recognisable organic shape or texture without making a complete copy of your subject.

My intention is to paint something that can be appreciated as much close up as far away and would encourage the viewer to get as close as possible to view any subtle mixes in colour or contrasts in texture. I paint long exaggerated bodies mostly with vibrant colours. I try to use a mixed media when I paint, oils mixed with acrylics or inks.

My Paintings can sometimes have bold colours and straight lines set in a backdrop of chaos, splattered paint or ink. Other times the background can be one shade, almost lacking of texture with the main subject forming chaotic patterns, textures and vibrant colours.

I have a passion for ink wash due to my love of fluidity and enjoy the relationship the dark liquid ink has with thicker bolder colours with come with using acrylic and oil. The position Ink wash has in Eastern Asian painting styles is of great influence on my work, both past and present.

In my most recent work I have taken a totally different approach whilst still keeping with some themes such as vivid colours contrasted with blacks and whites.

I wanted to try and paint a horror story, something psychological. Some influence can be takes from the warped figures shown as a hallucination in the film Jacobs ladder other influence from the dysmorphic portraits of Francis Bacon. I wanted the viewer to firstly recognise that they were looking at a person and then question why they still had such unnatural quality. That mix of recognition mixed with something unnatural and disturbing is something I will continue to investigate.

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