Contextual Studies 1c Initial Proposal: Interview with Voina

Contextual Enquiries

Really interesting interview from the Russian art anarchist group Voina, the guys that drew the phallus on the drawbridge. They are an interesting case study to observe. They’re belief that contemporary art should have a strong emphasis on socio-political protest anything else, including as they put it ‘art-rubbish kept in galleries’ is therefore essentially serving a right-wing cause. An interesting and strongly worded statement, of course in context, the fact that they live in what still looks to be a fairly backward government  with a pretty poor human rights record. Russia seems to be at the forefront of this new radical brand of contemporary art, galleries are basically dust in their tracks and why not? Contemporary art brands itself as a unique force for progression and change, experimentation and revolution so perhaps Voina are right. Maybe art should stop being so self centred and smug? Maybe art needs a reason to change? Maybe we need a proper catalyst to break the white cube once and for all, literally and hypothetically, artistically and politicly. All these questions will end up being resolved by time and our own drive to change the things around us but Voina are probably the perfect example of what the present state of contemporary art, a natural successor to the people who brought art out of the gallery and into the streets. Anyway enough for now I have a gallery to prepare.

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