Major Project: Artist Research, Fernando Bryce

I have found Chilean artist Fernando Bryce whilst by chance whilst looking for another artist. I am astounded by how much his work links to mine, the depiction of historical events, the use of old documents and photos and the fact it has all been painted in ink. Bryce has chosen a direct route taking  these old mostly forgotten images and recreated them in full, the finished pieces serving as a reminder or a glimpse of a forgotten moment, much like the subjects in the images themselves. I feel that this is the exact line much of my work is taking and I a supprised by the similarities between his work and my own. The technique in Bryces ink work is excellent his mark making forms his signature in that regardless of what image he is depicting it is plain to see his own style coming through.

The Newspapers are particularly impressive in technique and despite not necessarily serving a particular goal, be it political or otherwise, there is clearly something there that implies an important message is hidden.

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