Major Project: Artist Research, David Ben White

I have viewed artist David Ben White after a recommendation by a tutor. The Idea is to understand appropriation a bit more and how a particular symbol/item/ thing can be taken out of context or used to create new context. David Ben white uses Pigeons, lots of pigeons they remind me of Ardman animation. There is defiantly a deal of humour in his work and to be fair now that its brought to my attention I guess pigeons are generally kind if funny, that sort of dim, unassuming, aloof kind of funny. The paintings themselves are defiantly of interest, I love his mark making, I can imagine the paintings take a whole lot of time and I think thats great, Im encouraged to fire away at paintings a bit more rigorously and whilst sometimes by looking at too many ‘technically superior’ artists I get a bit disheartened artists like David Ben White can show a different kind of artistic skill.

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