Major Project: Reappropriating photographs

I am trying to use items from the past in my own practice, in this case photographs of the victims of Pol Pots Khmer Rouge. For those who are aware of the atrocity it is a reminder but for those who aren’t, it is an insinuation, an obscure reference to something terrible that has happened. Irrit Rogoff writes about the suitcases in Auschwitz being piled up as a display of mass in order to defy their individual markings. This is interesting as I have been paying with the same technique, using a collection of paintings of the photographs of the s-21 victims and grouping them as one pain piece made from many, each on individual yet indiscernible when they are together. It becomes less about the individual and more about what they are together. What has happened here?

S-21_0133 S-21_0163

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