Contextual Enquiries: Thoughts on final proposal

The final proposal involved fleshing out what I had written on my initial proposal, being given 1000 words give me more room to give detail about specific paths of investigation. I found the whole thing pretty useful however I spent a lot of time worrying that the argument was too diffused, with lots of different sources of research from on place. It eventually helped to focus on linking it to my own practice, especially themes on displacement and repetition (to put this in context, forgotten images, photographs, films of displaced individuals within a conflict zone and how they seemed doomed to repeat) I don’t know if want my own art to be deemed as political, I have personal views like everybody and I think that is probably apparent my view feels like a skeptical look at the state of the human condition. 

I feel that it is important for everyone to have some amount of knowledge on the world around us. To many opinions are based on third and fourth hand knowledge and so moving forward I would like my practical work to be research orientated. This research essay is a good way of testing myself, I have chosen the topic fairly carefully, the subject matter being something that I would read in my own time. It is an analysis of how art can be used to reach certain (mainly political) goals, how it can be wielded and what are the repercussions . 

Im still unsure of what structure it will all take. It could have a small number of sub headings along with a conclusion, my worry is that the similarities between protest and propaganda would serve each other better within one flowing narrative so I will probably write the essay then decide if it needs to be put into chapters of sub headings.

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