Article about the banning of hijab in france, the website is generally very interesting and brings up similar issues regarding the geographical confluences of different ways of thinking, brought on in part by globalisation. I am reminded of Irit Rogoff’s Terra Infirma whilst reading this due to its references to encroaching boarders, the lower income communities within France being increasingly marginalised into separate internal boarders due to economic and social inequality. My Partner is incidentally writing a law focussed essay into the right to wear the Hijab within any society no matter how secular it is and the common theme we had whilst dissecting the reasoning generally came to good old fashioned racism based simply on skin colour and ethnicity. I was reminded of a story of someone form say india or Pakistan being questioned on national identity by a local, in this case regarding their favourite national sports team in say football. They  were questioned on why they didn’t support their adopted he instead of India/Pakistan, however as a white person I don’t believe I would ever be questioned on why I don’t support England instead of Ireland/Northern Ireland (my home country) due to my being ethnically similar to the questioner. Maybe I’m taking shite but I don’t believe so, really I think this kind of attitude regardless of weather its within the UK of the ultra secular French republic cn mostly be attributed to racism based on ethnicity


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