Ethics: Separation between life and art Guardian article.

Interesting article about Graham Ovenden, the artist who was found guilty at Truro crown court of six charges of indecency with a child and one count of indecent assault. The article argues that ethics should not affect art, that life and art should be separated. Well this is an interesting area, I tend to disagree but agree that the matter is totally subjective and is this can generally be attributed to the popularity of the certain artist with certain people. Polanski, Gary Glitter, Ian Watkins (lost prophets) Woodey Allen even the classic master Michelangelo have been accused or/and found guilty of similar issues but their popularity general depends on the actual accusation becoming an actual jail sentence (due to being found guilty). I defiantly don’t agree with the writers suggestion that life and art should be separated though as they are intrinsically linked, especially within contemporary art, thinking of Demos referring to modern art depicting ‘bare life’.

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