Ink Blots

My initial experience with the use of Rorschach style inkblot painting came after some ‘freestyle experimentation’ better known as ‘coming to a dead end and not knowing what i was doing’.

I had an old disposable palette with some ink that had shaped itself into an inkblot type shape, it encouraged me to play with the shape of the ink blot. DSC_0063

I combined the shape and pattern of a Krama (Cambodian scarf I had been painting to give an immediate link to my current themes of research.

Krama, oil and ink

After this I spent a few hours making more shapes, combining more shades on different types of paper. I became more concerned with the ink blot shapes themselves rather that any objects they were depicting, the point wasn’t to make butterflies or any other typical manifestations of rorschach testing, in fact I dont really know what the point was at the time.

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