Major Project: Willie Doherty

Still from Ghost Story by Willie Doherty (narrated by Steven Rea)

Willie Doherty (born 1959) is an artist from Northern Ireland, who has mainly worked in photography and video. He has twice been a Turner Prize nominee.

I watched ‘Remains’ by Willie Doherty at apart of the art the troubles series in the ulster museum, it was an eerie film played on loop in a darkened room that alluded to the places were victims of the troubles were buried, i found it one of the most powerful pieces due to the ambiguity, the hand held camera more that reminiscent to the student filming style of Sam Rami’s ‘Evil Dead’.

Willie Doherty is one of the first artists I have been looking who has approached the troubles in NI. Whilst Doherty is of the age of someone who lived through he troubles, I wa growing up just as they were ending, one one the last generations who remember them and I wan my own experience of modern Belfast to come out in my work as Doherty’s does in his.

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