Final Selection for major project

I have finally come to my assessment and these are the paintings I have chosen. Overall I am happy with the work, for me to think this it takes quite a bit as I defiantly see myself as being very critical of my own work. Potentially because I want it to be as good as possible, I make work now in view of presenting to a wider audience and I can say for certain that this series of work is the first time I feel confident in doing that.

A large issue arose from sending the pieces in that I have had to take them off the stretchers, this has made quite a bit of natural crumpling of the fabric support. I have tried to limit this by attaching them to foam boards and I hope this will not have to much of a baring on the final mark as they are not supposed to be presented to the wider public in the way I have sent them for assessment, I will find out soon enough though.


The way the pieces have been presented is not in chronological order regarding their creation but it does follow the evolution in my thinking, from people in conflict situations to areas of conflict and moving to more personal pieces depicting Belfast. I can see how my work can beginning to move on from this and I have to say I can see the rorschach style will be a fairly big part of it.

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