A2: Thoughts moving to assessment 2

I need to focus more on this assessment, I felt like I’m still dealing with the hangover from completing my first two modules. My time is tight, after some outreaching, email communications and schmoozing at a gallery in seems that I cant rely on other people too much in order to bring my work into the public eye, not in the timescale I have given myself. There is plenty of time for this later.

I think I had become too bogged down in getting my work shown in the most ‘reputable’ place as possible but in rethinking and questioning my reasons for showing my work I have decided this is counterproductive. I have to rely on too many aspects that are out of my control. What I want to do is curate a group show myself using an existing pool of artists I have working with, with the possibility of a call for artists. I have an existing space in mind in city centre where I have co curated several successful exhibitions before. This venue would work well as it is a central location in an urban setting, a disused factory that has been used for gigs, exhibition spaces, and the odd rave.

Due to my tight scheduling it is important to get a space pinned down and booked as soon as possible. I have a meeting with someone I have co hosted an exhibition with before regarding the first course of action on Wed 25th March.

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