A2: Exhibition Venues Research

The Armory Show


The Armory Show takes place every March on Piers 92 & 94 in central Manhattan and includes several collections of artwork deemed to be of especial importance. Each pier is split into the contemporary, modern and non profit works with each of these being home to a large group of galleries, each showing a selection of their own works, similar to the format of London’s Frieze Art Fair.

The Armory show was formed from the Gramercy International Art Fair (named after the Gramercy Hotel in which it was staged) and was renamed the Armoury Show after it was moved to the 69th Regiment Armory.

The current location is Piers 92/94, based in the Hells Kitchen area of Manhattan, is a popular venue for trade shows due to its size, the Piers web page states ‘208,000 square feet of exhibit area’ making it the second largest venue in Manhattan. The size alone makes it more than suitable for a large art fair but the location in the midst of the sprawl of the international powerhouse of NewYork City implies its importance in the world wide art market.

Due to its importance and location the visitors and buyers can be wealthy and influential, driving the price and quality of the art and perhaps influencing zeitgeist.


The space itself is compartmentalised, the large hanger like areas of the piers make it necessary to create false walls in order to separate exhibits, this also makes it easier for the individual galleries to customise their own area to make more suitable for the varying size, shape and scale of art work.


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