A2: Art and Ethics


this article covers a topic i have been concerend about for a while, covering the ethics of using a conflict situation to create art with.

When originally the work was to be an observation to be viewed by others in order to create discourse into the subject matter, in the way watching a powerful film would stir the mind into further self directed research. In a way I’m making art that is personal, Its about my own reluctance to accept my surroundings, or my inability to do so.

Its common for those who experience sadness, to question their surroundings and to delve deeper into the origins of this experience.

To look back into history at major occurrences have taken place were the human psyche has been tested, strained, or broken. Do I look at pictures of the dead and morn for their own plight or is it my own? Are my intentions driven towards the need to help others or are they selfish, admittedly subconsciously thus far, and driven towards my own confusion?

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