A2: Exhibition Plan 2

The plan for exhibiting my work has developed into two plans or projects, each resulting in a different way which to show the work physically and also a different way in which to view the work contextually.

One is to work with a Charity I have recently got in touch with called NIAMH regarding doing work with the community. NIAMH are mental health charity based in Northern Ireland, they are one of the largest and longest running independent charities in Northern Ireland with supported housing schemes and support centres around the country, a link to their website can be found here; http://www.niamhwellbeing.org. I have been approached by members of a support centre in East Belfast in order to work with the support users in create a piece of art work in East Belfast. The Art work will be shown in August as part of their 40th Anniversary.



Skainos Centre, East Belfast.

At first I didn’t consider approaching this project as being part of my professional practice but really this is what my professional practice really is. My work is changing organically from looking at conflict on a global scale to looking at it in my own locality, in N Ireland, especially in East Belfast where I am original from. The work has also developed from looking at conflict directly to observing a post conflict area (again where I live) and the people who live in it. My work is more about people than conflict. The use of Rorschach ink blot within my work also suggests a relationship with mental health, however it remains to see if the ink blot will be present in any possible art work outcomes with Niamh.

The plan is to have a day every week (or every two weeks depending on scheduling) working with a group in an existing arty class and to use my existing work as a spring board for brainstorming ideas for a final piece, this project will work in unison with my other plan.

Two issues with this plan at the moment.

Firstly, at the time of writing I have literally no idea of what sort of work will be shown, it is site specific to East Belfast, most probably inside or outside the support centre. There has been a couple of delays on the next meeting so until this happens I don’t have any more information on scheduling.

Another big issue with this first plan is any public showing of the finished piece will not take place until August, this is when I intend to have final work sent for November assessment. The inclusion of another public showing will mean I still have documentation of an exhibition for assessment.

The second path I would like to take in contextualising my work is in the traditional gallery. Initially my intention is to link these two projects/exhibitions, the group work with NIAMH and the group show in a gallery e.g using the gallery to sponsor NIAMH This way I could use the gallery to show work by support users in NIAMH. I am unsure know how feasible that will be at the moment, the two projects may have to be separate, I intend to work these issues out within the next month or so. I will have a full plan and itinerary ready for assignment 3.


Possible Exhibition space. Previous Exhibition shown here.

Belfast has a public opening of all of its galleries every first Thursday of the month. This increases  footfall in the gallery meaning either June 4th or July 2nd.


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