A3: Weekly Update 4th-10th May

The two project plans, that is the exhibition space in Studio 11 and the public art for NIAMH are still being fleshed out. The main issues I have at the moment are confirmations. Although I am confident that both projects will come to fruition, I do have concern about the timescales though, until I have confirmation by the relevant people within studio 11 and NIAMH I will find it difficult making decisions regarding the promotion.

Studio 11 is not such a problem as if the days I want are not available (2nd-9th July) then the show could potentially be moved to a Saturday. Although the move is possible the preference is still for the exhibition to be on a Thursday. This is in order to have the gallery open and part of the open gallery night that takes place on the first Thursday of every month.

In the mean time I am working on my Paintings. the first two I have made were meant to be simple studies, just to get some ideas on paper but I thought they had something in them, they defiantly looked grotesque but still pretty funny considering the context of the subject matter, two respected NI politicians in an ‘uncompromising position’.

Edwin Poots: DUP Ex Health Minister
Edwin Poots: DUP Ex Health Minister

The two shown on this page are of Edwin Poots (above), ex health minister and Alasdair Mc Donnell (below) leader of the SDLP. I want to use a South Parke esque blanket ridicule  approach to this body of work to ensure that all parties and all politicians where ‘treated equally’ I do not wish for my own views to cloud the viewers, but some will probably be able to hazard a guess Im sure.

 Alasdair McDonnell: SDLP Leader
Alasdair McDonnell: SDLP Leader

These forst paintings where made on cheap remade canvas whilst the others are on watercolour paper so I will probably take them off the stretchers to be framed.

By next week I will aim have more concrete information about the actual exhibitions themselves. by getting in touch with the representatives of Studio 11 and NIAMH.

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