A3: Weekly Update 1st-7th June

Jesus this is going to be tight, just over 4 weeks to have everything together, the paintings are not a problem I have 2 large ‘ink blot paintings’ finished and 8 portraits with two underway, i can maybe do more dependant on time.

Promotional material HAS to be out before the end of this week so no later than 6th June. Im working on this at the moment with one of the other artists Andrew Train who is also a graphic artist.

This is the most crucial aspect of the show at the moment.

Promotional material will then be sent out to various arts and culture sites e.g. culture ni, no later than 8th June giving them plenty of time to update their schedules with our show.

I also need new business cards, this is really important for the exhibition.

After this I have three weeks to ensure the other three artists have work finished framed and ready to go. Next week I will visit the studio to see if anything needs repainted or if we need to put up boards to display things on.

Artists are now

Daniel Berry

Andrew Train

Gareth Martin

Aaron Hughes

Most importantly for me is my own work, I have a separate entry with that info on my blog.


Budget is at this point, difficult to gauge aside from the main cost of the venue, the cost will be split between the artists who have all volunteered to help with costs.

We will also be holding a pay in music event the closing night in order to help recuperate costs.

Space hire: £111.11

Framing, usual framer inc discount: £10-£20 pp

Food and/or beverages: Really I don’t know, whatever wine is decent on offer, Lidl do a pretty good wine deals so ill check that out closer to the time. Ill be honest anyone we know personally knows to come armed with their own drink so the free wine is for actual guests only approx £30-50

Lights, this is something I need to get, lights to be paced over some of the work, the studio is really bright with large windows but I want a few wall lights for some of my work and for another of the artists who will have some 2d work.

Print display case: I have priced these at around £15 however to get a free standing rack it may be around

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