A3: Promotional flyer

Flyer definate final

So the final poster is up and online on Facebook, i have a good feeling about all of this, we are guaranteed at decent footfall due to getting the gallery on the first Thursday of July but I think the poster is perfect, the illustration is by Andrew train who I asked to make due to his graphic style, I didn’t feel my own work would have been as effectual plus I don’t really want to show my work at them moment.


Below is a second online flyer, this has the artists as well on it, the show itself is reason enough to come though I would say, this emphasis on contemporary politics and culture has not been approached in the same way by artists.

I have decided not to include my name as curator on the flyer, I guess I feel a sense of trepidation in doing so. I also found that few local art exhibitions will have a names curator on the flyer and feel it unnecessary to do so myself. The other artists who are helping co curate are aware that I am in effect directing the exhibition, allocating tasks and doing pretty much all the background work. The other artists are helping with promotion and funding.

Its important to say that the whole show is about Northern Ireland so to an outsider it may not seem like much but the picture sums up the Protestant Catholic divide, the late Ian Paisley founder of the DUP and free presbyterian church on one side with Gerry adams leader of Sinn Fien on the other. Both heads are soil and joined in the middle on the shoulders of a dog. This is potentially controversial but an equal stab at both sides. Theres a certain type of person with a certain type of mentality that would be offended by this image and I think the show is against that mentality so we are on the right foot at the first step.

The first emails have been sent for various websites in order to have the exhibition placed on the event listings.

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