A4: Weekly update 8th-14th June


I have designed a promotional poster for my own work based on the Lars Von Trier film ‘Nymph()maniac’. The promotional material was very similar to my own work, the faces on a simple white background. I remembered seeing it so looked it up online and found the above image. I loved this image and thought it brought a playful side to my work. I had been deliberating the name for some time now and have used the name NImphomania for now as a play on the original title, replacing g the Ny for and NI (northern Ireland) this is meant to be for my own promotional material and is not an official title, I’m unsure that its actually even a good idea, it may be a bit tacky or cheep but hey, any publicity eh?

I have to say I was pretty chuffed with this, as I mentioned its really for promotional material, to distribute online however the title may be kept, if I don’t think of something better that is.

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Next few things to do is to order my business cards and also prints for sale at the exhibition, I’m probably going to use a combination of my new work as well as some older stuff.

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