A4: Studio 11 Archives


Studio 11 has been open for 4 years and bills itself as an underground hub for art, film and music. The studio is situated on the fourth floor of a tower block on college green in Belfast city centre shared by Catalyst Arts gallery.

I have complied archived images from past performances. This is to asses how the space has been previously utilised.


Owner Tony Hayes interview.


Photo Shoot


Film night, art exhibition.


Live music.


Contemporary Sketchpad, Art exhibition.


Simply Art: Art exhibition

10257201_630927310332145_4158793051096207960_oSimply Art 2: Another group show I participated in.


Simply Art 2: Music till late, live Trad.

The main clientele of the studio seem to be younger artists,  students and Psytrance fans (due to the space hosting psytrance nights in the past).

On hoisting any event at the studio there are certain groups who can usually be expected, people who frequent multiple shows there, friends of the owner and artists/performers and those who are part of a larger collective linked to shows that ave been on in the studio as well as the studio itself.

One of the aspects that make this space unique is its versatility, as some of the above pictures has shown, it has been utilised in many different roles, it is therefore possible to combine some of these roles. It is becoming more and more common for galleries to also have music, live or a DJ. I really like music in galleries, especially if the work is 2d (obviously doesn’t work too well whilst a performance piece is happening) as it relaxes everyone. Galleries can have an uncomfortable air about them, especially at the beginning before a crowd can build up but music can help to emulate the relaxed atmosphere of a bar or club so I will aim to have live music.

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