A4: The Artists

The Artists where chosen from a pool of people I have worked with before, Andrew Train is a close friend who I have co curated in previous exhibitions. After meeting with everyone I asked how they felt working within the confines of a theme as it could have really gone either way, with people would have felt creatively stifled at having to keep within the parameters of a theme, or (as I had hoped) people would be excited about having to work towards a common goal. Thankfully everyone was excited about the prospect of dealing with a topic that they felt was in need of reassessing and  reexamined in the eyes of a contemporary artist.

Moving forward with the exhibition was much easier knowing we all had a unifying theme and an objective, to create art work on the unique culture of Northern Ireland. Therefore the relationship with each piece of work was stronger by default. When I first suggested the theme I had an idea that satire would play a large part in the exhibition, it was an example rather than a guide but most of the final pieces defiantly did carry with them a strong sense of satire, in line with our sardonic view on what goes on in modern NI

Artist: Andrew Train.

Artist: Aaron Hughes

11412104_488470944642694_940798939042554704_o 11123595_493109417512180_818950104381911831_o 11709693_496151590541296_3892879730875316687_o

Artist; Gareth Martin


Artist: Daniel Berry

DSC_0281 DSC_0518

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