A5: Exhibition 2 ‘Disgrace’ Framework, Belfast

‘Disgrace’ was the second exhibition of my work. It was a group show that was held as part of Belfast Pride.

Some of the original ‘NImphomania’ paintings where actually made in response to comments made by various politicians stance on LGBT issues (I just happened to paint Jim Wells a week before he resigned after expressing his antiquated views on the subject ) The figures of Peter Robinson, Jim WellsArlene Foster and Edwin Poots are all portrayed as though they are iin a vulnerable state of coitus. The political figures all voted no in response to the same sex marriage motion. 

The show is the first time I has presented work In East Belfast. The work only encompassed a small group of the paintings from the NImphomania series, as previously mentioned, those who voted against Gay Marriage. Support for gay marriage in N Ireland can been seen support for modern, liberal and forward thinking NI. East Belfast in particular being predominantly protestant has the largest support for the DUP within the Greater Belfast area. A recent poll in the Belfast showed that those from a Catholic background are more inclined to voice support for gay marriage, with three quarters (75%) compared to 57% of those from a Protestant community background. Politically Sinn Fein the percentage of support shows, (80%), Alliance (79%) and SDLP (61%), compared to 49% of UUP voters and 45% of DUP voters. This presents an uncomfortable implication that protestants are more right wing than catholics. Coming from East Belfast it could be argued that supporter gay marriage is lower for protestants simply because Sinn Fein strongly support it, they don’t get on too well. This certainly would not excuse the poll result however, it potentially would look worse for Unionists/Loyalists. The referendum down South has also had a potential influence on the paranoia from the DUP voting East, a few that by voting for gay marriage  we become a step closer to a united Ireland. This may seem like madness to an outsider, and I would agree its a bizarre sounding theory but one that has more truth in it that some would like to think.

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