Artist Statement


My Name is Daniel Berry, I my art is influenced from the outcomes of interests and contemplations I have experienced in my perambulations through life.

My practice currently focuses on research topics such as humanity, borders, identity and conflict, especially focusing on those caught within the peripherals of a conflict situation. I have adopted the use of the Rorschach Inkblot test as a visual metaphor in order to challenge the perception of conflict through the use of the space, form, location and integration. Through this method I have begun to investigate my immediate surroundings within the boundaries of what can be considered as a post conflict zone in Northern Ireland.

I don’t intend to convey or force any personal opinion or message onto the viewer. Instead it is my hope that presenting my artwork in this way will in encourage the viewer to take part or to initiate further discourse regarding the particular humanitarian issue.

The images in my paintings are drawn from archival footage, photographs, films and images from newspapers and magazines focusing on socio-political themes in hope of qualifying our urge to turn to violence within a conflict situation.

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