Ink Sketches

I am trying to push the subject matter into something more obscure. The large coloured pieces are ok but dont bring anything new, they are just ordinary paintings. Nothing special. But these sketches are something a bit different looking at the painting close up you firstly view the negative space and the squares then the features when you move away. This was painted with ink but I would like to use oils on a large canvas, maybe a series of paintings.

These are the original images below they have been edited to show higher contrast.

Oils on cardboard

Not really a fan of this, I really wanted to try out some old cardboard as a support. It looks ok but I think Im pushing these photographs as far as they will go regarding a simple rendering of the subject. Im not sure about using full colour also, I was trying to emulate a sort of yellow-sepia colour on one of the pictures but Although the painting it self is so-so I dont think it brings anything of use to the table.

Ink on canvas

I wanted to try a larger piece with ink so I stretched up some cotton canvas and started this piece. I have been trying to push the portraits of the Tuol Sleng victims to something less figurative, more representational as Im not sure if  more detailed, coloured images are working.  This was ment to have more colour and detail but I left it as it was, I let the ink sink in to the cotton and quite like the effect, it certainty looks creepier, it wont work on linen.


I read on some forums that ink and cotton dont really go together unless the cotton is primed as the ink gets messy and soaks into the fabric but I think that will look pretty good so that’ll be the next thing on my list to try.



Major Project: Investigation into Inkwash

I spent a couple of days just painting with ink, all still life. I feel its important to really start pushing the boat out with how I want my style to progress. I can draw hands and feet and faces, I know that, so can a lot of people it important for me to improve on other fields.  I still really have a strong relationship with ink wash in particular I see many similarities to impressionism, one of the first art forms I was drawn to. I found a quote by an artist Arthur Wesley Dow

The painter …put upon the paper the fewest possible lines and tones; just enough to cause form, texture and effect to be felt. Every brush-touch must be full-charged with meaning, and useless detail eliminated. Put together all the good points in such a method, and you have the qualities of the highest art

He is describing the tangible quality that comes with ink the minimal strokes used to make something so unique. I posted a few quick paintings of my own experimentation.

After this I drew on some of my previous work with oils and once again took to painting from the photos of the Tuol Sleng victims. The paintings only took a few hours but I am pleased with the outcome. Something still lacks though but I think the documenting of the old decrepit photos and painting them in I guess what you could say a more modern style is interesting. I used a heavy ink was brush to paint most of the figures and coloured ink for the under colour no acrylic this time.