‘Friends’ Ink and Acrylic on Cotton


After some consideration I have continued the Rorschach styled paintings but with a focus on Belfast. the main thing I wanted to avoid was the typical conflict of the past, I feel it is no longer relevant today, don’t get me wrong it all still goes on, the rioting, protesting but I want to make a more personal series of work. The above i my first attempt, its technically not finished but I decided just to leave it as it is i don’t want to make it particularly neat or finished looking. this piece is part of a Diptych (the other painting isn’t finished yet) the only suggestion of any sort of conflict is the colours, the red, white and blue. The ‘tribal colours’ of unionism, prevalent in East Belfast were I grew up. This picture I think is a bit too ambiguous ill keep going with more and see were I end up.