Finished Oil and Ink on Canvas


I started this painting as I felt I hadn’t done anything ‘big’ in a while. The painting is actually pretty different than the one I set out to make but Im unusually pleased with it.  Whilst I’m still not 100% convinced of the style I think I can take away some aspects I think the decision to blend the clothes with the bending background was a successful one, the background was directly based on the floor of the s-21 prison. The figure was from one of the few photos I found that had the subject taken from two different angles, I took the decision to step away from the more somber images I had been making and try out something that was somewhat removed from the event.


Major Project: Investigation into Inkwash

I spent a couple of days just painting with ink, all still life. I feel its important to really start pushing the boat out with how I want my style to progress. I can draw hands and feet and faces, I know that, so can a lot of people it important for me to improve on other fields.  I still really have a strong relationship with ink wash in particular I see many similarities to impressionism, one of the first art forms I was drawn to. I found a quote by an artist Arthur Wesley Dow

The painter …put upon the paper the fewest possible lines and tones; just enough to cause form, texture and effect to be felt. Every brush-touch must be full-charged with meaning, and useless detail eliminated. Put together all the good points in such a method, and you have the qualities of the highest art

He is describing the tangible quality that comes with ink the minimal strokes used to make something so unique. I posted a few quick paintings of my own experimentation.

After this I drew on some of my previous work with oils and once again took to painting from the photos of the Tuol Sleng victims. The paintings only took a few hours but I am pleased with the outcome. Something still lacks though but I think the documenting of the old decrepit photos and painting them in I guess what you could say a more modern style is interesting. I used a heavy ink was brush to paint most of the figures and coloured ink for the under colour no acrylic this time.